Rogie Falls in the Highlands

Along the A385, almost two miles from the village of Contin, we found some of the most spectacular waterfalls I have seen in the UK. These waterfalls are known as Rogie Falls and run along the Black Water river in Ross-shire, in the Highlands of Scotland.

arking up in a well maintained car park, we picked up a leaflet detailing the walks to the falls from the notice board. There were two route options, one to take in the beautiful forest and another to walk to the falls. We decided to do them both as they were very short walks, less than a mile each in length.

We visited at a beautiful time of year, where autumn had only just arrived and the trees had just started to change colour.

The start of the walk from the car park the path leads through a forest, down a main track before turning off to a view point looking out to the hills.

Rogie Falls

Rogie Falls

Rogie Falls

A little more meandering between the trees of the beautiful forest, brought us out into a clearing where the autumnal colour all around was spectacular.

Rogie Falls

A short distance was the Black River which was moving very swiftly past us as it headed to the top of the falls. We continued to follow the river for a short way with the sound of the water becoming louder and louder.

Rogie Falls

Rogie Falls

The path continued to a suspension bridge over looking the waterfall and as we walked on the bridge, I was completely blow away with how beautiful and dramatic the falls looked. The sheer volume of water coming down them of course is creating this effect.

Rogie Falls

Looking in the other direction on the suspension bridge, showed the below view  continuing down the Black River.

Rogie Falls

In August and September and if there has been a heavy rainfall, there is a good chance that you can see salmon leaping upstream.

The final part of the walk, took us up to a view point giving a distance view of the waterfalls, which again was very striking with the autumnal colours. In the below photo you can also see a picture of the suspension bridge.

Rogie Falls

You can view a YouTube video of my visit below :


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  • David Johnston

    Never really associated Scotland with waterfalls before but the Rogie Falls look lovely. Especially with the autumn colours starting to come out. Great stuff!

    • Sam H Travels

      I think I visited just in time, just three weeks on and this area is covered in snow!

  • I love all of your photos! The walk looks absolutely stunning! Would love to experience it myself one day! Thanks for sharing with others!

    • Sam H Travels

      Thank you! I really enjoy starting out on a walk on a crisp sunny day, not knowing what I will find!

  • I am rather partial to waterfalls you know, so this was a lovely read for me 🙂 Autumn is such a picturesque time of year as well, especially when you have that crisp smell in the air, the blue sky and the multi-coloured leaves – fabulous! Thank you for sharing this pretty post 🙂

    • Sam H Travels

      You are welcome. I couldn’t keep this gem of a place to myself!

  • Lovely post. I miss the colours of autumn – having lived in the tropics now for over two years – so I really appreciate the gorgeous pictures! I am also a fan of waterfalls and this looks lovely. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sam H Travels

      I am sure you enjoy the warm climate! But yes, there is something very special about the change in seasons which I truly enjoy.

  • Looks so beautiful there! I love autumn walks… the colors, the crisp air, the smells. Thanks for sharing this lovely hike and waterfall!

    • Sam H Travels

      Exactly! It is all that and more!

  • Nicky Peters

    What a gorgeous place to visit! Great post and photos! Thank you for sharing!

    • Sam H Travels

      Thank you!

  • How beautiful, a place of our world I’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe someday!

    • Sam H Travels

      I hope you get to Scotland someday too – you won’t be disappointed!

  • Oh wow, how gorgeous! I would love this place.

    • Sam H Travels

      It truly is gorgeous!

  • We visited the Falls of Shin when we were north of Inverness, but we missed Rogie Falls. This is so lovely at this time of year with the autumn colours. I love waterfalls. Thanks for these photos.

    • Sam H Travels

      I haven’t heard of the Falls of Shin, but just Googled and I will add that to my next trip! Thats for the tip!

  • Kimberly Caines

    I had no idea they had waterfalls in the UK. Great photos. So pretty. The area looks ideal for a scenic hike.

    • Sam H Travels

      Yes it is and I really enjoyed my time and can’t wait to go back! The highlands of Scotland receive a lot of rainfall, which makes for the beautful waterfalls and fast moving rivers.

  • Hyla

    Stunning photos. They look like amazing hiking spots!

    • Sam H Travels

      Yes it is. There are lots of walks through the forests too, with a number of different trees which made the scenery very picturesque.

  • Chloe

    What stunning scenery! Wish I could visit there! So expensive to travel overseas from Australia

    • Sam H Travels

      It truly is beautful! I hope you will have the change to travel to the UK someday 🙂

  • Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu

    Se manifique views!!! looks so serene and tranquil. I would loooove to visit there wow.

    • Sam H Travels

      You will have to add it to your list of places to visit… you won’t be disappointed !! 🙂

  • This is such a beautiful view! The river, the fall and the forest looks awesome. Makes me wish to dip my feet in that Black river.

    • Sam H Travels

      Yes it is a beautful place but you are braver than I am… I reckon the water was pretty cold!

  • polarbelle

    It looks just like my home state of Alaska. It must be along the same longitude to have similar trees.

    • Sam H Travels

      I really am wanting to visit Alaska someday and to hear it has similar trees to Scotland, appeals to me even more!

  • This is the kind of view I don’t mind waking up to every morning! It’s so peaceful here! I would love to see this in person.

  • Marceline Dementori

    That’s just breathtaking! I would love to see those falls, it’s really nice to be able to go to such a place!

  • Ariana Gremling

    This place look stunning! I’m sure it’s even more beautiful in person!

  • Beautiful pictures. They look like great walks to take.

  • Lindsay Mickles

    Wow – it really looks like a stunning place to visit!