About Me

Hi there,

I am Sam, a 40 something-year-old female who enjoys travelling around the USA, Europe and the UK. With so many places still to visit and so much left to see, my bucket list is forever growing. I can always be found on my laptop or iPad, planning for my next trip.

The Hans Christian Anderson quote sums up everything I feel about travelling. I am at my happiest when I am embarking on a new journey, excited about the adventure ahead and the new experiences I will keep with me forever.

Whilst reminiscing about a 2012 East Canada trip, I started to struggle to remember some of the details of the places I had visited. I didn’t want to lose these fantastic memories, so decided to start a blog …. SamHTravels.com was born.

I would like to share my travel adventures and photos with you. Follow me on my social media to receive updates on new posts.

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