Lermoos & Ehrwald in the Austrian Tirol

I have had a difficult start to 2017 and not had the chance to travel, so I wanted somewhere peaceful and relaxing to enjoy one of my passions, hiking. I love the Austrian landscape; the beauty of the lakes and the majestic mountains, so without hesitation I booked the flights to Munich!

After a short flight into Munich, we headed to the large choice of car hire companies onsite at the airport. Picking up a hire car was easy and in no time we were on route to Austria. Our destination was 90 minutes from the airport and it was an easy drive along the autobahns in Germany. The only thing we had to be aware of, was that to drive into Austria and on their roads, we needed to buy a highway toll sticker which is known as a Vignette. These can be purchased from fuel stations and must be displayed in the car windscreen. A 10 day ticket costs 8.90 euros.


Just over the border into Austria we arrived at our destination called Lermoos. It is a popular ski resort during the winter season and is situated at the foot of Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze.

View of the Zugspitze from Lermoos

View of the Zugspitze from our Hotel

During our week long stay in Lermoos we saw many beautiful places. One of these places was in Ehrwald, which is the next village along from Lermoos. About 1/2 a kilometre outside the village of Ehrwald, you can park at the Ehrwalder Almbahn and this is where you can catch a cable car to Ehrwalder Alm.

Ehrwalder Almbahn cable car station

One of the cable cars inside Ehrwalder Almbahn

The cable car ride is approximately a 10 minute journey over the top of trees, with a view of the waterfalls in the Wetterstein mountains. It was a little cloudy on this particular day, but in the centre of the page you can just view the waterfall in the distance.

View from the car cable – waterfall on the Wetterstein mountains

Coming into the cable car station at Ehrwalder Alm

As we exited the cable car, we were surprised how windy and bitterly cold it was.  Fortunately we had come prepared, but we probably could have done with a hat and scarf as well! Just below the cable car station, this bar is a welcome spot for a meal or drink whilst you admire the view.

There are many trails to explore from here. One of the best trails is a 10.4km round trip hike to Seebensee, which is a picturesque lake with views of the Zugspitze and often used for bathing in warmer weather. Since it was so chilly, we opted for Ehrwalder Almsee which was close by.

Entrance to Ehrwalder Almsee

On entering this area,  my eyes immediately fell on the pretty turquoise lake with backdrop views of the mountains. Although it wasn’t sunny on this particular day, it is clearly a sun trap during the warmer weather, with picnic benches and sun loungers in carefully selected sunny spots around the lake. We were the only visitors at this time, so it was lovely to just sit and take in the ambience of this beautiful location.

Ehrwalder Almsee

Ehrwalder Almsee

After sitting here some while, the weather started to warm up and the wind had dropped, so we decided rather than taking the cable car, we would walk back down, allowing us to really appreciate the area.

The trail going down the mountain. Nice and steady downhill walk

View as we walked the downward mountain trail

This was a steady 3 kilometre walk downhill; constant downhill with no respite. I like to hike and I hike regularly, but I had underestimated how much the back of my legs would hurt by the time I reached the bottom! Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the walk, being close to Austrian nature and seeing things we weren’t able to see from inside the cable car.

At the bottom of the mountain there is another restaurant called Brent Alm (i forgot to take a photo!), but if you are here you must stop for food. I had a childs portion of Schnitzel and chips and it not only tasted fantastic, but it was amazing value for money. It was also extremely large for a child’s portion!

Whilst having our meal, we got chatting to an Irish couple who had just returned from the Waterfall round walk. This is a walk viewing the Waterfall we had seen in the distance whilst in the cable car. More on the waterfal walk on my next post!

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  • This is beautiful! We’ve been looking for a while for somewhere in Austria to go hiking and I think we have just found it!!

    • Sam H Travels

      Yes is is very beautiful, but there are more posts to come, so keep an eye out for them too 🙂

  • Samantha (Vibrant Yogini)

    This looks like a beautiful place for a hike! So fresh and tranquil! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    • Sam H Travels

      Yes it is very tranquil and great to get away from all the hustle and bustle of day to day living.

  • I absolutely love Austria! The scenery is breath-taking and I can’t think of a better place for you to go for a hike on your return to travelling! I hope the smell of the fresh air and stunning views have helped turn your 2017 around. Glad you were prepared for the blustery weather! #feetdotravel

    • Sam H Travels

      I hope so too. Keep your fingers crossed for me Angie 🙂

  • Austria looks such a stunning country to visit. Great tip about the Vignette too! #feetdotravel

    • Sam H Travels

      Yes if you haven’t been before, I hope you will add it to your travel bucket list 😉

  • 1AdventureTraveler

    What a wonderful relaxing and beautiful place to visit. I just love Austria but have never been to either place. I also found it easy to rent a car and drive around. This would be a great place for a hike but just riding the cable car for the views & photos is great too. I pinned this for later use when I return to Austria 🙂 #feetdotravel

    • Sam H Travels

      They are plenty of cable cars to ride in the area and on a clear day the views are breathtaking. Usually there is a restaurant at the top of the mountain, where a cold beer always goes down well whilst you take in the beauty of the landscape 😉

  • philandgarth

    Wow what a stunning place to visit! Great photos. Would really enjoy hiking there, still can believe we’ve not been to Austria yet. The driving tip is really useful, never thought about driving there, but that could be an option with cheaper flights to Germany.

    • Sam H Travels

      Yes it’s definitely cheaper flying to Munich, since for us it was a direct flight. You really will have to get around to visiting Austria and enjoy what the country has to offer 🙂

  • Lauren Barratt

    I love Austria the lakes and hiking trails are beautiful!

    • Sam H Travels

      Yes the mountains and lakes of Austria, make for some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. IMO 😉

  • The views from the cable car look amazing! The lake looks surreal, like it’s a mirror. What a charming place! Gotta put Ehrwald on our bucket list!

    • Sam H Travels

      The views are amazing! I hope you visit someday 🙂

  • Lermoos looks like a peaceful destination and the view of the highest mountain in Germany is incredible. It’s very useful how they still use the ski lifts in off season, it makes hiking to the top so much easier. You took some wonderful images in this area.

    • Sam H Travels

      It was difficult enough walking down. I really admire the people who I saw walking up!

  • Travel4lifeblog

    Fantastic article 🙂 thanks for inspiring us! You made us want to hike there too. Like you we love taking a car and explore places. We loved your photos and the cable car experience looks amazing. Keep up the great work. Patrick and Cécile from http://www.travel4lifeblog.com

    • Sam H Travels

      Thank you! More to come in the Austrian series. I hope I can continue to inspire you to visit 🙂